It is not certain gift will come / but on that day/ a gift / hard vegetable gem / green lantern green cone / bullet green / a pendulum fist and plumb swung / sticky button of sap not even swollen yet / tight impossible tight / fact / sent /alone / the thud of be

I pick you up / little bomb / none but me / with / your light in hand / it might be possible / to look / into the black / the back of closed eyes /see the light of green / play/ your gentle unthinking

/ my lips move to speak rain and cold / fingers seek tight pain of dirt packed nails / to ask / forest before I was / what organ do I need to hear the quiet ruckus of decay / the orchestra of blooming? / I look for tree / see privet / cuttings stuck in stubborn clay / what a thing to do/

I would know sweat hot and sour / lips blowing cheeks leathered and waxed /a wizened wisdom thick with grunt that grunts / will grow / whether watch or come upon / the torque of will/ grow

weighty green / several worlds in one / shape of singular design compact with frankness and mirth / packed with ancient forest dead and alive the same root / host to ants and all I do not know / you take the light / give the light / the power in the fruit/ and frowning earth