Dawn uncurls light / slow as new gardenia unfurls / a silver white against the even pearl of waning night /all through the quiet dark / flower has pulled toward balance / one by one the petals strained against the tightness of the bud / as though they trusted delicacy would shine in searing day with undiminished brilliance

lovely time/ dawn / despite harsh noon coming /despite the ebb and flow of hurt and hate contending  / despite outrage / false witness / damage done already / despite spite /howl

how to hold heart open /

quiet moment dawn / wait for me to know soft unfolding / I would
watch you grow shape and shade until the bird cries morning / and though the whorl of day is far too wide already for me to dream anything will last but daring / first dawn remain with me/ before full open / I step ready into this day unfolding

Jo Mariner