Poems for THE LIST (eners)

and all who hear . . . by Jo Mariner


 These poems by Jo Mariner create a threshold from where you can see

  • hope is not a delusion or foolish
  • transformation beckons
  • risk and adventure are cousins
  • dreams are not easily denied
  • there is something to do

The poems  are recorded in the poet’s voice. She believes hearing her speak the poems is important — and more effective than reading silently to ones self.  She has selected, photographed or drawn the images to support a feeling that proceeds from the poem.

Jo Mariner

lived in the Northeast United States until 1995 when she settled in the United Kingdom. She now lives in London.

Her poetry has been published and performed in both the US and the UK.

She was associate editor of American Writing: a Magazine 1990 – 93, and co-editor of a start-up poetry magazine, Shrike, in 1996.

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