Poems for THE LIST (eners)

and all who hear . . . by Jo Mariner


Jo Mariner  . . .

 is US-born poet who has been resident in London for over 20 years. Her work has appeared in several US publications, including the Sewanee Review, Midwest Quarterly, and American Writing. In England, she has contributed to Poetry Ealing, Torriano Poets, Weymouth Review, and Tears in the Fence. Online her work has appeared in Ink, Sweat, and Tears, Ink Drinkers, and in Entropy Magazine’s 2021 issue2 Poets on Death” compiled by CA Conrad.   In 2022 she recorded an interpretive reading of “The Law of Desire is Fascist” a long poem by Lou Lou Sainsbury and Kari Rosenfeld for the exhibition “Earth is a Dead Name”  shown at the Gasworks Gallery in London.  She was associate editor of American Writing: a Magazine 1990 – 93, and co-editor of poetry magazine, Shrike, in 1996-97.

The poems here  are recorded in the poet’s voice because she believes hearing her speak the poems is important — and more effective than reading silently to ones self.  

PLEASE CONTACT JO  if you would like her to read her poems for your group or print them in your publication.   jo.z.mariner@gmail.com 

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