moist and curly brain grow restless / not unnerved / unknowing / feel / wind’s motion urge / so all that’s liquid yearns /all the liquid in the world / all in every creature /yearns

/those with wings /  into eager where will go / with quick squeeze of soft internal parts / they fly the grumpy sky / with wet eye notice / vegetable tongues stick out from muddy earth / defiant /look children at innocent insolence / you too / dear fear / familiar nanny / leading the children away / look over your shoulder / at least once more / look at stampeding clouds / driven to disappear / it is a determined business

/puddled raindrops shiver among themselves on slippery glass / soon prove gossip powerless / spite evaporates / stirring sky cares nothing for envy or worship /

tilt up /face / feel the weight of air / press /tiny bones / press back your answer

Jo Mariner