love / / meaning live in intimate observation
wanting others to know / wanting it purely …
to expend the heart / use it all to remember /
the where  / the seen / the memory of has been seen . . .
to keep the ear alive / meaning feeling what is seen
/ in detail  / in patience / over time / enduring /
/ to extend what is seen toward
vision /
to transform one’s self to the other /
to open cell to cell / all the cells / open
know the energies of movement at this invisible size
recognize the tiny assents that bind the chemistry /
that propel sticky  life holding itself together . . .
to give consent to frictions forming variety /
to ancient angers / spacious longings / the dare and daring
to welcome the colour that sings in birth and death . . .
to wait / close until the silence in everything is still
but always moving /
to be this always churn / this charm / this possible

Poem by Jo Mariner
Illustration: Jacket image from 50th Anniversary Edition of The Peregrine by J.A. Baker (William Collins, 2017) : Peregrine Falcon, English School, (20th century) Private Collection/ c. Look and Learn / Bridgeman Images