/ everything freshens  / high brushes low / curtains suck and blow /
dusty scent / musty sleep / the smell of heat – all gone
the gossipy leaves whisper news from tree to tree /
I am tossed on board my bed the room the house –  I am entirely afloat – at sea
this wild spreads its map for me / just there – a blue clears of grey
opens a child’s book – the one never given away – that tells of dangers met
crannies sought –  forgotten doors / found keys
can unlock the fragile magic when what cannot be / can  be
this is not my reign nor region / it is the wind’s air running joy again /
it is passing weather prising open heart
/ open I cry  / Salve / Salve / Salve
save the earth / the sea / the fish / the bird / the snake / the worm / the flea / save me

poem and photograph by Jo Mariner