/given a strong wind and simply pigeons
their cautious walk before sudden  flight /
given  tree tips scrabbling  and new leaf desire
ragging-after while twig-hanging -on

or given a dream of small pain / of body tense
not having fully grasped / a premonition /
as though illness presses from behind the face /
as though outside is in / as though inside insists open

or given busy cellular elements
at work / mindless within /
and smaller cohesions / that hold the body tenderly
/ but urge awake /

given such important wordless things /
which will not stop
/ pulling all wounds / known and unknown /
dragging self and all possible selves / after

this that will not stop searching /
this that is always hungry/ that runs
up the snowy hill / away / away /
this that leaves you longing

given something / even nearly like this /
this unthinking horizon / this decision /
this  leviathan that does not seek permission/

take this soul / make clear quickly / do not stay


poem and photograph by Jo Mariner