raucous aerial greeting then descending
the settlement unsettled unsettling /the eye eye eye / old roman
passing the watchword / delivering noise entire with deliberate nodding
then off / rowing the sky / searching

crow / ancient stab / purple voice / determined

black stitch this is Harrow you are harrowing / sampling modern air
with medieval meaning /clawing heart  — caught caught caught

recognise me wily bird / keeper of boundary
/ take my eyes / fly them in such camaraderie air will not recognise
earthbound transformed to bird in your body

strings already pluck / harmonics buzz

here is something to dream — undeterred we wipe our swords
clean beaks / ready for another sounding of the deep

already light changes /sky uncovered stretches out
things stir / noises begin / here’s another hinge
dread / anticipation

poem and painting by Jo Mariner