i. spell for what is needed
you become small enough to swim in veins /
you light fires with the quickest spark / a sliver blade
you point / there is nothing that you fear to touch

ii.  spell for comfort
if you walk far away / beckon / I will come
sing? / my flame will dance your breath /
remember / without us waves still play / I remember
/ we know / anyone can walk on water

iii.  for you
on the left circle of light / on the right halo of night
at the core / column of grace / the eye / threshold of space
under tongue / grains / pearls / worlds

iv  blessing
may we spill seed in all the openings we find
may vines trail behind / may we send shoots
from mailslots / kitchen drains / ears and asses / broken windows of derelict houses
may our fruits hang ripe with compact fact
may we jungle / jungle back / our way to earth

v.  ritual for fellowship
I give the whole loaf / you break it / we feed ourselves
regret life is not staying / living not only cheerfulness /
be not mothers without breasts / teach / we say
/what dangers to avoid / what to approach /say
you / come near / let us be / kind fools / let us share

Poem and painting by Mariner