once again

it seemed  to come to this / hiding / to stay free /

in a place of my own making/

it came to this /my one hope / hunger /

which never seems to give up seeking /choice

although choice  is narrow / narrower / in my // fortress

in extremity I will eat others with the teeth of fear / gone

then the finest choicest meal / my shrinking self

tenderly I have sucked all  I  can /

sucked all the bitter marrow from self hatred / gone

still still  /  my faithful  hunger  /still looks for more /

I have encouraged myself to forget/ how hard this is

look  /  it growls / a crack of light / a sliced rock / an opening

hunger? /  hunger!

/ how shall we fly this grumpy sky / what more seeking

enough / there is enough my hope insists / more growing