once at least / he staid / footfated stuck

a slight incline declined simple steps / he sweated wets of waits

grace passed as easy as breezyfree pace could progress

trouble with / confidence / never stopped grace

what-if-I-can’t hatchlings / nibbled his leaves him / the adventurer

he wanted to / movemore / push / one foot / in front

but other would not realise / release

was right left / even slow go

with permission of artist: Paul Wright

grace said mad miles / wild wills/ ledges / edges / don’t hurt/

fear goes

this way / feel and wail / perhaps laugh and shake

That’s easy he thought

and whambam he wails / a wide peal of dread

lung slung paralysis / made

terror not firma / no more stop light fright

and where on earth? / where in space? / where? had he gone?

grace laughed / this was only a small step

AHHH he yelled from the other side of the universe

feardom freedom