I too have worked the ground / my fingers sought like roots  blind  determined / once

deep cut and pulled by grief / I did not stop my body’s urge / so keen for truth

I stretched full-length upon the ground to feel / the subtle arc of earth /

do you agree/ like seeds / we carry life protected

/ buried / forgotten / shoots begin / sensing light where no light comes /

their  finest threads grow and thicken / in patient time lapse

/ unthought thought matures to intention /

denial to welcome

no accident happens so slowly / but / even accidents /

which injure in an instant / when projected through adrenaline / play / slow

full of grace /2 Isle of Wight Vines4

in my garden / the tragic / dances with beauty / what happened / not a fate / a generous twist / reaches towards / again

/ a gyroscope of vine/ a climbing

in this manner  perceive / balance /

what grows and what contains the growing