no change is always changing –
life’s finest trick / garden’s gabble
clock grab meddles / work to do
but closed / close behind eyelids / colour
takes root and a certain fizz
a hive’s buzz – happy undistracted menace
setting about uninstructed tasks
this crowd whispers memory -- cells
knitting themselves into
mutable me
having become fine old skin I arrive at –
translucence / perfect fate
and all the while / in the next room
a countertenor sings with himself / “Harmony”
just as I do –
alone / noticing
that birds hesitant or fleet
converse with wind / take silent direction
so sitting in my chair / I smile or sleep

Poem by Jo Mariner

If you want to listen to the countertenor singing Harmony here is a link. The song is “How sweet the moonlight” from The Merchant of Venice . Composed by Jocelyn Pook and performed by Andreas Scholl.

image with the artist’s permission: The Ballad of Two Moons – Marta Orlowska,