imagination / my absent wing
how many times can I try without you

to be a child again
play games of must-believe / of must
make believe I am grass / fierce raptor / rabbit tremor?

imagination / without you can I hold
the warm shape of innocence / even after
innocence has fled ?

if I learn
to admit undeniable memories / confess shameful histories /
abandon useless blame / futile guilt /
open deep weeping / crave trust
nurture need to be forgiven /
to forgive others/
to forgive myself
then will I reacquaint myself with your power?

earth / of which I am / beleaguered earth
whose patience sudden as aneurysm burst / can
purge greed / save random few / show privilege irrelevant to cause and effect
I pray you wait until I know / raptor rabbit grass and I are one
and imagination again will hunt, fear, grow
soar the entire context of surround

poem by Jo Mariner

Image by 👀 Mabel Amber 👀, Messianic Mystery Guest from Pixabay