Today I wish everyone — in body or spirit – could be
with someone whose love they never thought to question

I wish everyone – please – notice something alive
something that surprises the touch – alerts the ear — colours the brain

today I also wish everyone would notice there is enough
enough            enough notice              notice

if someone who cannot trust love sneers
I hope to stay  wait    ready 

if someone dying notices living and rips their heart apart
I hope to feel the unspeakable grief of dying-seeing-living-dying

and those who have nothing, who rage to hear me say “enough enough”
I hope their strength depletes me of everything but honesty

my wishes cower at these questions —
“is it  good to wish everyone to remember love?”
“is it kind to ask the dying to notice living?”
“is it stupid to say there is enough while greed grins?”

Still, I wish these wishes — plus three more
I wish to stay / I wish to listen / I wish to empty of all but honesty

poem by Jo Mariner
sculpture by  Lesley Illingworth at and