empty speech is not needed to tell us what is true —
eyes see / mouths open / lungs gasp /
we know injustice / deep in our bodies
are hungry for peace  / hunt it
resisting pandemonium

our bodies accept this solemn duty
the in / the out of breathing
incessantly / consistently
we declare this soft music

take nourishment
hear the leaves while they remain —
which breathe crescendo and sigh /
a lifelong lesson / taught in an instant –

grace folds us in


here’s a way

stalk spider-silk tracing spider-flight —
I saw a spider float to pinnacle of ivy
draw web / map space / wait

/ nearly noiseless / seen at the edge of invisible
 so / so  / the whisper of living
demonstrates disregarded truth

/ the pulse / the cell balancing dry and wet
the body branching from spine / reaching for embrace /
the ripe heart ready

Poem by Jo Mariner