/ viruses purge /angers burst /
/ we reel with shock / firing volleys of cause and blame
arm ourselves with righteousness / attack wrong/
but seldom save our ordinary souls / for what comes after —

nightmare truths (memories that dissect us
pinning open layers of dislike / hate / self-loathing)
and softer dreams / also true
( we are not monsters — can remember comfort
/ can crawl to one another still / those who will )

and if we do / endure and embrace/
imagination may reappear — the eye of the heart / always looking /

 when will we manage to play as children do /
who left with spoils / fashion unspoilt games / of
must-believe / must / make / believe / again?

 unearth a way for this to happen —
not hide guilt / not hide fear / find possible
recreate innocence / until there is nothing less
than folk befriending fear / and staying together

this is as close to truth / as love
has brought me to healing

poem and image by Jo Mariner