do not try to convince the world you have lost nothing
do not try to feed your savage loyal heart on silence and sweets
your hungry savage heart

I have seen the sudden emptiness bloom in your eyes /
I have seen what fills it –
birds / flitting to crumbs fleeing to safety /
the reflexed-eye widens to these fellow fearlings / it is a motion of hope

Listen uncomfortable one / all elbow and knees / all withdrawing
/ never waving farewell / simply going /

Listen / even now / it is not too late
to do the smallest thing /
even the smallest deed can break the spell
of loss / of losing / of
once / gone / forever /

Listen /
what will become of us if all this leaving continues?

Come spirit that hovers over/ spreads through/
that couches in the ear /speak true/


poem and image by Jo Mariner