time to escape / no need to scratch a tunnel through eternity / what nonsense there is no dream more like sleep / a strong will is enough / accidents are the openings / see / sudden opportunity winking or turning its back  /feel worn down stones

hear water whisper among seaside rocks / rock / little people-pebbles /on the shore of not empty / dream with grains of peach and yellow and palest grey / to find a way to embrace everything /

so small / what tiny arms / what ghosts of love / what more do I need to say

it is not right what has been done / not right what our bodies have borne from generation to generation / but so far light comes in morning / an arched cat rubbing the leg of whoever does not notice /

direction always begins with again /ask what I want when you can’t speak my language / do not give up / put aside whatever is anxious and angry / look into my eyes to understand

can seem forever / the time between deciding and doing / but for me / the waking / let my adventure be the accident of you