someone has found a new home for me / people I know have come to help

everyone sits together the night before / agrees / how little trouble

my family is there

the men take off their armour / punch each others’ arms in fellowship

for the first time I notice / my mother is beautiful and loved

next morning everyone is busy /furniture I treasured re-appears / in place

/ fitting perfectly

there are drapes to open // light  / will paint the room in beauty

the family is / tired

all the men / without their armour / curl together like pups

my  mother has never before  / been so beautiful and loved

In my new home /  furnished with treasure / decorated with light

I think// this dream /  is hope / I think // every hope /  might contain  / beauty appearing / love ready for exchange /

I remember // when everything dazzled me with beauty / every person was welcome to love

this is my dream / this is my memory/