tread lightly on the ground / earth had death to eat

remember / a brain can be so hurt it cannot think /

although instinct curls away at lick of fire / you do not have to choose what is safe /

/ safe may not be what you think / this is not a threat / this is a fact that points beyond

seek what could have been / practise / looking for

a well-intentioned hand / an honest glance / the expectant face

always turn toward / even the vague feeling you cannot grasp /

toward deliberate help / kindness

re-turn / relearn / re-turn / relearn

/ thus unscrew the lid / release disappointment / acknowledge anger /

let anger  thunder into cleansing / rain from your heart /

entertain the notion of innocence / and welcome / then perhaps your one last wish /

don’t waste it / human

feel the sudden sense of what you are / how quickly you are lost / how strong your heart / that cares for cat and robin / and all the rest /  all the ones you loved or hated /

 Jo Mariner / photo:  Jo Mariner