hear the thud of truth falling in an empty forest / one truth / after another

truth drops when ripened  / predictable as hunger /

hearing truth  / proves giving and receiving is possible /

silence / no one listening / or someone saying I heard nothing / proves

fear / is real /

/ a crowd listening / hoping someone will say what to do  / is

fear / repeated again and again /  history / hostility harnessed /

what have I to do with what is believed? / what have I  to do with truth ?

I have not been taught to persuade / am easily distracted from trying / and likely to settle for nothing

/but now/ at this time/ truths drop like fruit heavy on our heads/ the windfall abundant

the fruit of fiery times / if this heavy seed falls and no one hears it / is there truth?

yes, there is piercing truth / there is evidence

listen / to what is /done/ there is the sound of truth /

Jo Mariner