the wound felt to me like amputation / a sacrifice of wings perhaps

powerful wings that could have fanned wide areas of air / lifted me above

the wound was two holes in my back / pain was muscle remembering flight / muscles involuntarily moving the heft of what had been cut

the wound was made for god/ by a priest/ my father /who went further than Abraham / used his blade / listening to god / and obeying

also I am a daughter /no ram appeared in the thicket as substitute /

when I told him / I would sacrifice my will  / to god’s will /my father wept

was my father hurt by god? was my father god? was god hurt?

I never understood/ however / when I want someone to listen

to what I think / or look  / at what I have seen / I wince/

remembering the pain my father felt / having  / to sacrifice /my wings

here my mind wanders / can love accept / curtailment /or teach it

necessary / unless / it agrees to its own / sad grounding?

I find one whisper to nurse my wound : no sacrifice / no sacrifice / no sacrifice