on the surface bobs a fragile boat / brave from the start

the song of the almost self / sings to itself

listen / self waiting for self / the very close ear called for /

ask these first and final questions /

why / eggs and teeth of soul are spilled away

who / let them drop into the dark

how / catch the drowning pearls

what few are left


underwater/ a mighty intelligence /

waits for light whose star already may be dead /

ticking heart / engage the niggling knife /dribble blood for shark soul

the crisp point of the dagger / needling the idea of the deeper cut

reclaims the truth of the self /

head strong soul / run broad forever / be

lightening gone / memorable as thunder

/ return honed / to eat complicity

/frenzied to feed on the coward do-not-disturb

listen / disturbance / it never stops trying to be heard

poem by  Jo Mariner / painting by  Jo Mariner003.1